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Holiday fun for LDWS

Holiday fun for LDWS December 2019

A good time was had by all at the annual December Guild meeting! This year’s crafty experience was to make Curly Qs, a crochet technique suggested and developed by Guild member Jill Buckley, demonstrated by Beth Whitney, and taught to crochet beginners by Meg Cheesman.

Many laughs, fumbles, successes and oddities resulted from the use of different yarns: thin, fat, glittery, ribbon-like and stash treasures. Diny’s gold Curly Q earrings took the prize.,while Jill’s dizzying array of possible uses for the Curlies kept our imaginations buzzing.

Some breathtaking show and tell articles were featured during the first part of the evening. At the break, delicious edible treats were provided by the Hospitality Committee. What a great way to begin the holiday season!

By Beth Whitney

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