Review – Fibre Art Festival and Sale – 2019

The 8 th Annual Fibre Art Festival and Sale was a great success again. We had so many wonderful
articles submitted by all three Guilds.
Many new ideas, big and small, were developed and executed and they brought that extra
surprise to the sale. There were over 100 Handwoven Tea towels at the start of the show, and
they proved to be just as big a hit as previous years.
Our Three Guest Artists gave a different dimension to all that fibre and we certainly Thank them
for participating.
This yearly event could not happen without the great hospitality from Covent Garden Market,
our Guild members who are willing to part with their creations that they make during the year,
sign up to participate over the weekend to educate the public and our customers.
We have created quite a following of people who come back year after year and saw
newcomers who tell us they will be back next year.
A big Thank You to All and Happy Creating for the coming year.

Submitted by Diny Warren