Bursary Information



LDWS Educational Bursary Award

To honour ongoingly deceased Guild members of their contributions to the Guild and to the practice of fibre arts, the Guild has set up a bursary programme to enable members to increase their fibre skills.

Awarded annually, the bursary is intended to help cover the following costs:

  • Cost of courses or workshops
  • Cost of travel, lodgings and subsistence while attending courses or workshops
  • Cost of the purchase of equipment, particularly in an area of practice new to the applicant
  • Cost of supplies, such as yarns or fibres
  • Cost of software for fibre design or electronic access to instruction. An application form is found here. Applications are due February 15th of the year in which the applicant wishes to use the funds requested. They will be considered by a Bursary Award Committee, consisting of members of the Executive Committee and two members at large representing the spinning and weaving communities. Decisions on successful applications will be made by March 15th.Within two years of receiving the award, the recipient will be expected to share their acquired knowledge. Examples of activities include, teaching a workshop, publication of an article or presentation at a fibre arts conference on the subject of the grant, or a display at a public venue or gallery of work created as a result of the grant.

    After the award of a grant, the recipient is not eligible to apply for another grant for three years.