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Multiple looms for sale – Posted Sept 15, 2022

 Several looms for sale.

  • 36” 4 shaft Artisat
  • 36” 4 shaft Nilus
  • 45” 8 shaft Nilus II with back hinge treadles

Benches are available with these looms.

If anyone is interested, please email me at Kathy@rocklakeweaving.com for more details.

Books for sale – posted September 15, 2022

The family of a previous guild member, Marie Merrithew, have given the following books to the guild to sell. We will keep 50% of the proceeds with the rest going back to the family.

The prices listed are a bit lower than the prices which could be found on-line. We thought it appropriate for guild members to have a discount from the listed price. All books appear to be in good shape and stored well.

All sales would need to either be picked up at the guild room, or at Sue Peters’ house, or I could do a drop off within London.

If interested in any of the books. Please contact Sue Peters @ sue.peters.ca@gmail.com. All payments will go to the guild either through an e-transfer to ldwsfinance@gmail.com or a cheque or cash to Donna


Book titleAuthorpricemember price
The Weaving BookHelene Bress$100$90
The Key to Weaving SOLDMary E. Black$50$45
A Weavers Book of 8 Shaft PatternsCarol Strickler$25$20
The Joy of HandweavingOsma Gallinger Tod$10$8
Weave – handmade styleno author$2$2
American Woven CoverletsCarol Strickler$32$28

Smaller Booklets

Book titleAuthorpricemember price
Finishing Touches for the HandweaverVirginia M West$20$15
The Crackle Weave SOLDMary E Snyder$20$15
Lace and Lacey WeavesMary E Snyder$20$15
Rag Weaving Projectsno author$2$2
Four-Harness Huck (rare find) SOLDEvelyn Neher$25$20

Magazines for sale – posted September 15, 2022

Marie Merrithew’s family also had several years of Handwoven magazines to be sold. Half the proceeds to go to the guild. There are several binders and some loose magazines. These are also in good shape. I’m not going to ensure each binder is complete. All purchased items will need to be picked up at my house, or the guild, or perhaps could be delivered within London

  • Binder 1992 Nov-Dec, 1993, 1995 Jan-Feb
  • Binder 1994
  • Binder 2008 & 2009
  • Binder 2011-2012
  • Loose Magazines – 10 from 2014-2016

If interested please email Sue Peters @ sue.peters.ca@gmail.com with the years in which you’d be interested, and a donation amount. All payments will go to the guild either through an e-transfer to ldwsfinance@gmail.com or a cheque or cash to Donna

Spinning Books – Posted August 14, 2022

Four books on spinning for sale. $5. each. In excellent condition.
Contact Michelle @ mannshelton@gmail.com

Nilus Leclerc Counterbalance Loom – Posted Aug 9, 2022

Item for Sale: Loom, Accessories
Other info: Nilus Leclerc Loom4 Harness loom
6 treadles
accessories included
$400.00 or best offer
for more information contact Carolyn – cjbcroft@gmail.com

45-inch Nilus Leclerc – Posted July 25, 2022

Contact Liz: eacon@rogers.com

$1100 for loom and following accessories:

  • umbrella swift
  • electric and hand bobbin winders
  • several reeds
  • shuttles
  • extra heddles
  • very nice yarns
  • …and much, much more!