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March General Meeting

Recording of meeting – click HERE

Too much fun!
Not only will be having our own multi-talented Diny Warren speaking on, sharing and showing some of her fabulous work with indigo,

…but we’ll also be holding a stash and ‘side hustle’ sale:

How it works:
-Send an email to if you want to put some items in the sale.  This allows us to figure out how much time and space we need for the sale.
-Materials / items to be put up for sale must be dropped off at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.
-Each item or bundle of items must be pre-labelled by the member as follows:
  *Guild Member Number    *Item Number    *Price
             …for example, guild items should be labeled as follows:

              *6 – *1 – *$10
              *6 – *2 – *$15- If you are bundling some items together (eg. partial spools of thread) they should be “packaged” – eg., in a paper bag, attached by elastics etc.
– For items submitted by members, 20% of each sale will go towards the guild.
– There will be books for sale which have either been donated or are duplicates from the Guild’s Library.  100% of these proceeds will be reinvested into the library.
– A large selection of yarns were semi-donated to the guild – i.e. the donor will get 50% of the proceeds.  
– At the end of the sale, you need to pick up any of your unsold items.
– Cheques for the member share of the sale will be mailed within two weeks.   

– The sale will take place before and after the March meeting (which is Diny Warren’s Indigo presentation). 

UPDATE: Cash is recommended for shoppers as it is faster than using a card.  We will have ‘Square’ available.

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February General Meeting

Kathrin Weber, from Blazing Shuttles is our February speaker. 

Link to Zoom recording – available until March’s meeting on the Meeting Presentations/Handouts page
Ensure you are signed into the LDWS website with your password in order to see the presentation.

This will be an in-person meeting at the Community Centre and also on zoom

She will be presenting “Effective Use of Materials and Color”, with the following description:

“Do you have yarn in various colors, textures, weights, yarn types that you are not sure what to do with? Perhaps you have a lovely yarn that may not be strong enough for that warp you want to wind. Or your yarn is too fine or too big or the colors are too bright and they don’t go together. Or, to be honest, the yarn you have been hoarding is just too dang expensive to use! How do you make a little go a long way?
This lecture with images will help you think of creative ways to plan and execute woven projects of mixed yarn types and colors that you might have thought would never go together technically or visually. Spend a little time with me thinking, “What if…?” And then dig through your yarn closet for hidden treasures waiting to be woven.”

What a great way to get your creative juices flowing, and burst out of the winter blues!

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January 2023 – Bonus Shared Presentation

January 4th, 2023 we had a shared presentation with the KW guild. The presenter was Kathrin Weber from Blazing Shuttles. Kathrin presented Dyeing to Please You: Dyed Warp Techniques.

The presentation will be available until February 4th, 2023. Handouts are also available. The access to the presentation as well as the handouts is on the members only portion of the LDWS website CLICK HERE Ensure you are signed in first for the link to work.

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December 2022 Meeting

Youtube recording of meeting – click here

Here is the information about the craft for the December meeting

Please remember to bring your own mug – BYOM???
Every December, we have offer a traditional craft – a napkin ring, this year.  

The guild supplies materials for those participating in person, but members are welcome to bring their own supplies as well.

If you are attending via Zoom, remember that the password is still 2022ldws …until Wednesday, the next day!
You’ll want to gather up these craft supplies:

For each ring:

-One toilet paper core (or two strips of cardstock/heavy paper that are at least 1.5” x 8” in size)
-Fabric for the inside of the ring, bias cut is best, but use what you have.   One strip that measures 4” x 9”
-Sewing needle
-Sewing thread (any colour)
-Paper, lined and plain
-Wool/acrylic yarn, any colour, 10-20 yards, worsted weight or lighter. (note, this yarn will not show in the finished ring, but if it coordinates with the colours of floss you choose, it will hide minor imperfections in stitching.  Also, the thinner the yarn, the more you need!
-Needle with an eye large enough to hold embroidery floss, and a sharp point. Chenille needles are ideal.
-Embroidery floss, 6 strand. One skein is enough for a ring, but you may want to use multiple colours.

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October Guild Meeting

Meeting Video –

I am very excited to say that our speaker this month will be Beth Showalter.

Beth completed the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners (OHS) Spinning Certificate Program in 2014 with Distinction, and will be speaking about spinning Alpaca fiber.

This is a hands on presentation, and members are encouraged to bring their hand cards and spinning wheels to the meeting.

Beth will have small fiber kits available for members to purchase at a cost of $5, which will allow members to quite literally get a feel for Alpaca.

If you would like to know more, you can find Beth at

We will also be hosting a swap, for anyone who wishes to participate. Members may bring in one or two items (yarn or fiber, of any type, with a retail value of $20-$40) to the meeting. For each item you bring, you will get your name in the random draw. After Beth speaks, we will draw the names, and when your name is chosen, you may go and choose a new item to take home.

If anyone has questions, feel free to email Kathy Broughton, at

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May 2022 Guild Meeting

Date: May 3, 2022

Guest Speaker: Jane Steeves

Jane spoke about different Sheep Breeds of Ontario and how she has studied them to see how the wool would spin, and whether it is good for weaving or knitting

Note: This Guild’s meeting was broadcast from the newly constructed East Lions Community Centre. The meeting was hosted from the centre and conducted in a hybrid format with members both on zoom and in person.