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March General Meeting

Recording of meeting – click HERE

Too much fun!
Not only will be having our own multi-talented Diny Warren speaking on, sharing and showing some of her fabulous work with indigo,

…but we’ll also be holding a stash and ‘side hustle’ sale:

How it works:
-Send an email to if you want to put some items in the sale.  This allows us to figure out how much time and space we need for the sale.
-Materials / items to be put up for sale must be dropped off at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.
-Each item or bundle of items must be pre-labelled by the member as follows:
  *Guild Member Number    *Item Number    *Price
             …for example, guild items should be labeled as follows:

              *6 – *1 – *$10
              *6 – *2 – *$15- If you are bundling some items together (eg. partial spools of thread) they should be “packaged” – eg., in a paper bag, attached by elastics etc.
– For items submitted by members, 20% of each sale will go towards the guild.
– There will be books for sale which have either been donated or are duplicates from the Guild’s Library.  100% of these proceeds will be reinvested into the library.
– A large selection of yarns were semi-donated to the guild – i.e. the donor will get 50% of the proceeds.  
– At the end of the sale, you need to pick up any of your unsold items.
– Cheques for the member share of the sale will be mailed within two weeks.   

– The sale will take place before and after the March meeting (which is Diny Warren’s Indigo presentation). 

UPDATE: Cash is recommended for shoppers as it is faster than using a card.  We will have ‘Square’ available.

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