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St. Distaff Day/ROC Day

Date: Saturday, January 7th 2023
Time: 10:00 – 2:00
All wheel and spindle spinners are welcome to a day of fun and games.   
Bring your lunch, your wheel/spindles and fibre that excites you. 

In the 17th Century, lyric poet and cleric Robert Herrick wrote of the tradition in his poem, “St Distaff’s Day or the Morrow After Twelfth Night”:

Partly work and partly play 
You must on St. Distaff’s Day: 
From the plough soon free your team; 
Then come home and fother them; 
If the maids a-spinning go, 
Burn the flax and fire the tow. 
Bring in pails of water then, 
Let the maids bewash the men. 
Give St. Distaff all the right; 
Then bid Christmas sport good night, 
And next morrow every one 
To his own vocation.

This was an excuse to play on the twelfth night as the next day , work begins again. The boys would try to burn the flax and tow while the maids tossed buckets of water on them. Delightful for January. Brrrr….

LDWS St Distaff Day will be much fun with games, prizes and lots of laughs. There will be time to socialize and try a few new things. It is a fund raiser for the guild.

Fee: Members: $10 Non-members: $25

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