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LDWS at the Home County Music and Art Festival July 19-20, 2019

Great fun was had at the Home County Music and Art Festival this past weekend. True to form, the weather ranged from terrible to fabulous.

This year, we borrowed a canopy from the Old South Community Organization and set it up (in pouring rain) on Friday, July 19. OSCO also lent us tables and chairs to help with our event, since Home County no longer can supply equipment or the very welcome honorarium we used to receive. Home County sponsorships have been dwindling in the past few years, and they have redesigned the craft demonstration activities to accommodate the decline in financial support.

So Home County invited us to create an interactive area at the Festival. We were given space at the north end of Victoria Park, where we set up a “yarn sculpture” event. We made a wooden structure using 5 foot sticks, consisting of three large tripods connected for stability. We spread out a variety of yarns and some delightful crocheted woolly worms for kids to use to decorate our structure.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot, and we had only a few participants. But after the thunderstorm Saturday night (during which the canopy blew down) Sunday dawned bright and cool, and the pace picked up. Lots of kids came to help decorate our structure, and stayed to learn corking, finger knitting, arm knitting, and various other fun with fibres. Participants shared their knowledge with us and a good time was had by all.

The yarn structure has been taken off to Circle R Ranch, where summer camp participants will set it back up and will help decorate it even more. It’s wonderful what a bit of yarn, some imagination, and some caring adults can do to enrich a music festival!

Spinning yarn on drop spindles and on the spinning wheel

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