Nancy Latchford – 6 Sided Coiled Basket

6 Sided Coiled Basket

by Nancy Latchford

This basket sat in my cupboard for many years. It was in a  cloth bag with wire, core and 6 stranded embroidery threads  and only coiled for about an inch or so. I found it just sitting  there waiting patiently for me and I was in one of those  finishing moods. 

The base is a 6 sided cork coaster I am sure I got from the  Dollar Store. I sewed the first row of coiling into the edges of  the coaster. I glued a second coaster to the under side of  the base and a third coaster to the base in the inside of the  basket. This helped to strengthen the base and cover the  stitches. It just looked neater. It needed a wire with the core  to retain the 6 sided shape as I coiled up the sides. I used  pony beads and coiled around them into the walls. Two of the  round beads on the inside and two facing out. You can see in  one spot where there is only one bead showing. The other  broke as I was working many rows later. Oh well, it is what it  is. I took another cork coaster and cut into it making a 6  sided window frame wrapping it in floss. I coiled outward  from this to the edges of the lid just slightly larger than the  basket and finished by coiling straight down to fit over the  sides. In the inside of the frame I random coiled with the  pony beads to create a raised centre. 

This is approx. 6” tall x 4” across and the only 6 sided lidded  basket I have ever made. I think it turned out okay.

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