This is where anyone can post fiber related items they have for sale. Big or small, from weaving to knitting, from the floor loom to the needle, they are al welcome!

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Current items for sale:

Warping board
Free to a good home
Is there anyone who could use it? It would need to be picked up and I live near Western Fair.

Nilis Leclerc 45″ loom

Item(s) description:
Used, has been is storage for 26 years. Fully functioning when stored. Includes, Metiers Clement Inc. flip bench, Original Robert Leclerc Warp and Weave book and the Instruction manual to put it together. I also have some Weavers magazines. Two issues of Heddle for Canadian Weavers and Spinners as well as a letter from Joanne Cicchini, Publications Co-Ordinator, Heddle, Introducing herself and the magazine to the original owner. It’s dated March 21, 1985. It’s subject is to ask the subscriber to become a dealer. Signed in pen. I’ve not authenticated the letter.
Price: $$575
Contact: Samuel Shedletzky

Purl & Loop Swatch Maker 3in1

Item(s) description:
Swatch maker (purchased at Little Red Mitten). Wooden loom giving 8,10 or 12 dpi. , wooden needle, metal needle , instruction leaflet and draw string bag.
Price: $35.00
Contact: Louise Whitehead

Loom for sale

Item(s) description:
7ft x 7ft floor loom
Price: $$200
Contact: Tom Slade

Spin Off/Handwoven

Item(s) description:
2006, 2007,2008 CD collection (12 issues) Spin Off.
2006, 2007,2008 CD collection (15 issues) Handwoven.
Cd with instructions for knitted/felted dolls. 1 hr 57 mins.( Lucy Neatby)
Price: $20
Contact: Louise Whitehead

Tabletop Loom

Item(s) description:
Nice hand made tabletop loom of oak. L-21″, W-19″, H-18″. It was a plan at the time that I would venture into bigger weaving projects but it is now off my bucket list plan. I live in Port Stanley . Curbside Pickup. Can do cash or e-transfer.
Price: $50.00
Contact: Marion Remen

For Sale: Mira 11, 45″ LeClerc loom, 4 shaft, counter balanced, sectional beam for sale.
Other items available for sale: Shuttles, Bobbins, Electric Bobbin winder, Spools, Spool stand,
Tension box, Bench, Apron, Lease Sticks, Hook
Reeds: 6″ 29, 8″ 37, 10″ 44, 12″ 55
Dorothy 15 3/4″ table loom, 4 shaft
Yarns, Books
Asking $600
Please contact Ruth Thornton at

I am in search of a used Louet Spring loom to purchase.

I am looking for a 90cm 8 shaft but I would also consider a 110cm and either size with 12 shafts. I would be able to pick it up (within Ontario).
I’m hoping that now that the Spring II is available to purchase, people will be looking to upgrade and sell their old Spring.
Since this has been hard to find, I’m also on the look out for any 8 shaft loom under 45″.