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December 2022 Meeting

Youtube recording of meeting – click here

Here is the information about the craft for the December meeting

Please remember to bring your own mug – BYOM???
Every December, we have offer a traditional craft – a napkin ring, this year.  

The guild supplies materials for those participating in person, but members are welcome to bring their own supplies as well.

If you are attending via Zoom, remember that the password is still 2022ldws …until Wednesday, the next day!
You’ll want to gather up these craft supplies:

For each ring:

-One toilet paper core (or two strips of cardstock/heavy paper that are at least 1.5” x 8” in size)
-Fabric for the inside of the ring, bias cut is best, but use what you have.   One strip that measures 4” x 9”
-Sewing needle
-Sewing thread (any colour)
-Paper, lined and plain
-Wool/acrylic yarn, any colour, 10-20 yards, worsted weight or lighter. (note, this yarn will not show in the finished ring, but if it coordinates with the colours of floss you choose, it will hide minor imperfections in stitching.  Also, the thinner the yarn, the more you need!
-Needle with an eye large enough to hold embroidery floss, and a sharp point. Chenille needles are ideal.
-Embroidery floss, 6 strand. One skein is enough for a ring, but you may want to use multiple colours.

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