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Tea Towel Project update

A personal thank you to those who were able to came out for our celebration. We had a wonderful time moving the loom out into the centre of the East Lions Community Centre and unrolling 17 unique and beautiful Towels. 

We ate cake, drank coffee and talked to live people! We distributed all of the towels to the people that were there for hemming.  

With Diny’s guidance and our collective thoughts and efforts we have reattached the warp and its ready for weavers to finish up.  

Who wants to weave another towel?

As you may know Lynne Salisbury will be moving to British Columbia.  She wove several towels and has taken two towels for hemming. We will miss her!  

A reminder that summer camps are being held at the centre and it is recommended you wear a mask when coming to the centre.  

Be well,

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May 2022 Guild Meeting

Date: May 3, 2022

Guest Speaker: Jane Steeves

Jane spoke about different Sheep Breeds of Ontario and how she has studied them to see how the wool would spin, and whether it is good for weaving or knitting

Note: This Guild’s meeting was broadcast from the newly constructed East Lions Community Centre. The meeting was hosted from the centre and conducted in a hybrid format with members both on zoom and in person.

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Western Fair Creative Arts Competition

You may have heard about Western Fair’s Creative Arts Competitions!  They are a great way for people to showcase their artistic talents in a number of ways.  There are categories for almost everything: needle felting, weaving, crochet, woodworking, pottery, art, quilting, horticulture, the list goes on and on!  Over $13,000 in prize money to be WON!   

London District Weavers and Spinners has so many creative and talented individuals from our community. Below is a link to the Prize Book – all fair competition categories are listed inside.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact Info:
Office: 519-438-7203,240
Western ​Fair ​District
​​316 Rectory St.
​London, ON
​N5W 3V9

Happy Crafting!